Mail In

What is the mail in process?

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Email us your request with the following:

  1. Your name and phone #
  2. Original Carrier for phone / device model and color
  3. Service requested (does phone work properly and is in good physical condition)
  4. List any other known issues or concerns
  5. Wait to receive confirmation email with service request# (do not skip this step)
  6. Print & Save your confirmation email
  7. Backup your phone info (tiny Tigress will not be responsible for data loss)
  8. Mail device to us with a completed service request form **(we advise you to add tracking and insurance)**
  9. You will be notified once device is received
  10. Upon completing repair, you will receive payment request.
  11. We will return your device to you looking Grrrreat!!!

tiny Tigress Cell Phone Repair LLC

Attn: Service Dept 

8060 Webb Rd #742768 

Riverdale, Ga 30274

Include:   sim card / any pass codes to access the device / any specific details about device issue

 (*Please remove case, screen protector if possible, etc…do not send any accessories or extras*)